Watch: Man Jumps Into Drain To Save Son Who Fell Into It While Playing

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The shocked parents rushed to take the boy out.

In a shocking incident, a boy playing in front of his home in Russia fell into an open drain as his parents were watching. The video of the incident has appeared on Reddit and led to a barrage of comments. It has been posted by user Ddusco in the sub-Reddit NormalDayInRussia. According to the person, the incident took place in Chelyabinsk, a city in west-central Russia. Fortunately, the boy did not sustain any injuries and was taken out by his father.

The 63-second video starts with the boy playing near his home with his dog, a pug. His mother is seen keeping a watchful eye and the boy’s father too soon appears in the frame.

The kid approaches a partially open drain and before anyone could understand anything, falls into it. It takes a split second for the parents to react.

The shocked father of the boy immediately rushes to the drain, removes the entire concrete slab kept on top and jumps in. The scared boy is heard calling out to his mother. The woman too is heard crying.

A few seconds pass and the video fast forwards, showing neighbours approaching the woman offering help. While one man heads towards the drain, other takes out his phone to call for help.

Just then, the father is seen handing over the boy to the neighbor, who then hands him over to his mother. The father, after coming out of the drain, takes the little boy in his lap and the parents are seen discussing the entire episode with the two neighbours.

It is not known when the incident took place, but it has shocked other Reddit users.

“Holy Mary. Poor child must’ve got the spooks of his life. It’s a fortune he has such caring parents,” commented one user. Another user used the Russian word “Pizdets”, which refers to a situation gone horribly wrong.

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