Watch horrifying moment ‘plane window CRACKS’ mid-air freaking out passengers

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A PASSENGER has captured the shocking moment a window on the plane he was travelling on appeared to CRACK, sparking panic onboard.

TikTok user Tristan was flying onboard a Poland Airlines flight from Warsaw, Poland, to New York’s John F Kennedy Airport when the horror incident took place.


A plane window cracked mid-air at 10,000ftCredit: Twitter


It sparked panic on board the Polish Airlines flightCredit: Twitter

The terrifying flight took place on August 20 just as the plane started its descent from 10,000ft.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than four million times on the video-sharing platform, one of the passenger windows can be seen covered in cracks.

All three passengers who were sitting by the window hurriedly get out of their seats, while a woman screams for the flight crew to help.

One member of the airline crew can be seen picking up an onboard phone, as a safety message is delivered to passengers.

The window cracked as it made its descent into JFK, The Aviation Herald reports.

It reports that the plane, a Boeing 787-8, was some 300 nautical miles northeast of New York when passengers noticed the window had cracked.

Polish Airlines reported that the electro photochromatic layer used to darken the window was damaged.

However, it insisted that the tightness of the window itself was not affected.

The aircraft landed safely and was dispatched for its return flight to Warsaw, where the window will be replaced.

A spokesman for Polish Airlines said: “This particular window was not broken. Dreamliner’s windows consist of many layers. 

“What was broken was the internal layer responsible for dimming the window. 

“This fault is well known, as electro photochromatic window dimming system is vulnerable to damage by physical contact with sharp or heavy objects.

“As a precaution, the captain decided to descent to 10,000 feet and continued to land safely at New York JFK airport.”

It comes just months after another Polish Airlines passenger spotted burns and scorch marks on the side of the plane, sparking a mid-air emergency.

The Boeing 787 was travelling from Seoul Incheon International Airport in South Korea to Warsaw when the passenger made the horrifying discovery.

Crew members noticed a burning smell and declared Mayday, as emergency services were scrambled for landing.

One of the dimmable passenger windows in the plane’s economy section showed signs of burning, while a photograph obtained by The Aviation Herald showed how the interior of the window appeared to have started to melt.

The windows in question are made up of two pieces of glass with a special gel sandwiched in between.

This gel has an electric current running through it, which can be increased or decreased by the passenger to change the dimming setting.

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