Russia humiliated as ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic missile CRASHES injuring eight

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RUSSIA has been left humiliated after one of Vladimir Putin’s “unstoppable” hypersonic missiles reportedly crash landed.

Eight people were wounded after the nuclear-capable hypersonic missile dubbed “Dagger” is said to have come down in Russia last night.


The moment the aircraft came down in Stavropol KraiCredit: Newsflash


The wreckage of the aircraft – said to be the ‘Dagger’ missile’ – in a field after crashingCredit: Newsflash


Eight people were injured after it came down over RussiaCredit: Newsflash

Moscow claims its deadly “Kinzhal” rockets – which have previously been unleashed by Putin in the Ukraine war – cannot be stopped by western missile defence systems.

Shocking footage appeared to show the burning wreckage of the aircraft after it plummeted to the ground in Stavropol Krai in Russia’s North Caucasus region.

Ukraine’s armed forces said the Russia military initially denied it was one of their missiles – reportedly claiming it was a Ukrainian drone.

But Ukraine claimed it was one of Putin’s “unstoppable” hypersonic missiles that had been “fired at Ukraine”.

According to reports citing open source intelligence, experts said it could have been a Russian P-800 supersonic universal anti-ship missile P-800 or a missile similar to the 9-A-7660 “Dagger” missile.

The “Dagger” has a claimed range of over 2,000 kilometres and can travel up to 12 times the speed of sound – being nearly impossible to detect and neutralise from a defensive position.

The missile can be loaded with up to 1,000 pounds of explosives, or even a nuclear warhead.

Vladimir Vladimirov, the governor of Stavropol Krai, said eight people were injured when the aircraft crashed – including a firefighter who was wounded while working at the scene.

“An emergency situation occurred in the Turkmen district,” he said.

“An unknown aircraft crashed near the village of Kendzhe-Kulak.

“There were eight victims in total. Of these, one person received minor abrasions and bruises.

“Four people were sent to regional medical institutions, one of them is a child.

“Three people are now in the Stavropol Regional Hospital, one of them is in serious condition.

“The victims are being provided with all the necessary medical care by highly qualified specialists, all the necessary medical equipment and medicines are available.”

The Russian state-owned news agency TASS said the missile was “an unknown aircraft” that later turned out to be a “drone”.

Video footage previously captured the dramatic moment a “Kinzhal” rocket destroyed an ammunition depot in the west of Ukraine.

It comes as Putin suffers humiliation in Ukraine as he suffers major losses amid a Ukrainian counterattack.

President Zelensky vowed to keep storming forward as his troops reached the edge of Russian-held Donbas in a stunning counter-attack.

The lionhearted leader swooped into the town of Izium – a former Russian stronghold – days after Putin’s troops fled in their worst defeat since the retreat from Kyiv.

He said: “We are moving in only one direction – forward and towards victory.”

Ukraine’s military appears to have made stunning gains on its eastern and southern fronts, amid the reported collapse of the Russian military resolve.

Ukraine said it had liberated some 6,000 square kilometres – an area the size of Devon – with last week’s lightning assault that caught Russian troops by surprise.

British and US long-range weapons – including HIMARS and GMLRS rocket launchers – were key to the mission’s success, Ukraine said.

It comes amid reports Putin’s troops have begun abandoning another major city in the face of the lightning Ukrainian counter-strike.

Russian forces are said to be pulling out from Melitopol in Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhzhia region and heading toward Moscow-annexed Crimea in a humiliating blow for Kremlin.

Putin is now believed to have survived six assassination attempts after limousine was allegedly attacked on Wednesday in a possible attempt on the his life as the war in Ukraine rages on.


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