My neighbour keeps banging my door

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A HOMEOWNER was horrified to find a terrifying clip after checking her cameras because her creepy neighbour kept banging her door at all hours.

The woman said she called police after the neighbour carved an X into her front door.


A woman has revealed why her creepy neighbour keeps knocking on her doorCredit: Reddit


The sicko neighbour dresses up as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre murderer and parades in front of her doorCredit: Reddit


The woman got a camera installed after her neighbour carved an X into her doorCredit: Reddit

The frightened woman shared a chilling video of her neighbour dressed up like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre murderer and dancing eerily in front of her door while she slept.

She captioned the video, shared on Reddit: “Nightmare neighbour has been harassing me for months.”

Footage shows the sicko neighbour creeping up to the camera and raising his arms before turning around and shuffling back to his apartment.

Baffled users told the woman to call cops.

One person wrote: “This is creepy as f***, make a report with the footage to your local cops.”

The woman, who goes by the user name Shelbym806, responded: “Thank you, police are aware of the situation, and have the footage of the other 14 times he’s decided to act up. Only got the camera 2 months ago.”

“You should buy a costume and jump out with a better one,” quipped another.

A third said: “Whoaaaa. I just posted about my neighbour stalking me with her camera (after of course I’ve had mine since before she moved in).

“This guy literally lives next door and is very obvious about it… I’d think it’s creepier if it was a random person from another floor but your literal next door neighbour?!!”

Shelbym806 replied: “We used to speak, then he started coming to my door at all hours of day and night and became inappropriate. That behaviour lasted 9 months before I finally called the police on him (2 months ago).

“He carved an X into my front door in retaliation, so I bought the camera.”

It comes as a woman revealed how she was forced to report her ‘creepy’ neighbour after he installed cameras to spy on her.

Taking to Reddit, the woman in her 20s explained that she had recently moved into a new home with a middle-age couple next door.

She explained that due to the good weather she had been spending a lot of time in her garden which hadn’t gone down well with her neighbours.

In her post she wrote: “I haven’t even really met my neighbours until one day, the woman rang my doorbell.

“To my surprise, she asked me to start covering up that she has a husband and growing boys and I shouldn’t be showing my body. That men can’t help but look and it’s our, women’s, responsibility to cover our bodies.

“I told her that, no and that men are perfectly capable of not looking and perhaps she should teach her husband and sons that they shouldn’t be creeps and I closed the door.”

While she hadn’t previously noticed anyone looking at her in the garden, the woman reports that she began noticing someone peering through the window at her.

She continued: “One day, I was coming home from shopping and saw the husband installing a camera FACING MY GARDEN. I could see another one facing my living room. It was creepy to say the least and I decided to get my own camera because I wasn’t feeling safe.

“Well, turns out it was a good idea because the husband was a major peeping Tom. Turns out that whenever his wife left and at night (I often stay up late), he would come and try to sneak a peek through my windows (mostly my downstairs bathroom).”

The woman went on to explain that she had gone on to report the man to the local authorities and the couple were told to take the cameras down.


Reddit users told the woman to call the copsCredit: Reddit


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