Cyclist filmed knocking down girl, 5, SUES her dad claiming he’s been bullied

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A CYCLIST filmed knocking over a young girl with his knee is now suing her father – claiming he’s been bullied over the viral video and can no longer ride his pricey bike.

The Belgian lycra fiend was seen by millions sending the five-year-old tumbling on an icy path during a Christmas Day walk with her family.


The cyclist was filmed knocking a little girl over on an icy pathCredit: Newsflash


The five-year-old’s dad is being sued for posting the viral video onlineCredit: Newsflash

The 62-year-old cyclist, who was not identified, ended up in trouble with the law after the video was shared online.

He appears to deliberately put his leg out – striking the little girl in the back and sending her spinning onto the snow-covered ground.

He said he put his knee out for balance and did not realise he had knocked her over.

Now he is demanding compensation from the girl’s dad Patrick Mpasa, who posted the video shot at the High Fens nature reserve in the Ardennes region of Belgium in December 2020.

A lawsuit file in a civil court alleges he has been the victim of social media bullying.

The cyclist claims the dad smeared his reputation by posting the video online – and he is so traumatised he has not ridden his bike since.

He is seeking €4,500 (£3,911) compensation, equal to the value of the bicycle he claims he can no longer use.

The case went back before judges earlier this week in Verviers.

A preliminary ruling found Mr Mpasa did not violate the cyclist’s personal rights by posting the video.

It is understood more hearings will follow to clarify the facts before a final ruling.

Philippe Culot, the cyclist’s lawyer, said: “My client does not want to make money out of this. He wants to make it clear that you can’t just post anything on social media.

“The consequences of the video were dramatic for him. He has not ridden his bike since the incident.”

Last March another court found the cyclist guilty of deliberately kneeing the girl.

Prosecutor said during the trial: “He was annoyed by the people on the path who had to swerve around all the time. 

“He gave the child a ‘knee punch’ out of sheer annoyance because an obstacle was in his way for the umpteenth time.”

Judges rejected his claim that he slid on the ice and was trying to keep his balnce.

But he was given a suspended sentence on the grounds he had already spent time in custody and been criticised on social media.

He was also ordered to pay the girl’s family one euro compensation.

The five-year-old’s family said the cyclist did not stop to check if the girl was OK but carried on cycling down the path.

Mr Mpasa, who managed to catch up with him, said in 2020: “He explained what happened and asked us to withdraw the police complaint, but he showed no remorse and did not apologise.”


The video of the cyclist allegedly knocking over the girl went viralCredit: Newsflash


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